The unknown is scary, but we're a brand that wants to aid in making you prepared for whatever life throws at you. We're addicted to tricking our bodies into thinking that they are going to die by the end of this workout. Why? Because at the end, we stand up a little more confident that we're one step of ahead of the unknown. 


We are athletes. No matter your level. If you're a human who realizes that your health is in your control and average isn't enough, we stand behind you. Sweating, breathing heavily and possibly in the fetal position, but we are fighting with you.

We want to create a family of humans who feel that health is not an option, it's a responsibility. A family of humans that if our bodies are able, we'll fight down to the last second. #SetFireAthletics

Gear up.

Being veteran owned, we had to make our own militia. We love our crazy kind. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy & Coast Guard. You name it. There's a certain kind bond you grow when you're overly caffeinated, underpaid & play rock throwing games together. We stand by to stand by & now the wait is over. Set Fire wanted to make shirts to support each other whether you were forced to wear an all weather jacket or not. 

To be a part of our militia it doesn't require that you served your country, it just requires that you stand behind those who do.

We're a militia. We support each other. We fight for each other. We don't care your background, race, beliefs or sexuality. Just be a good human for more than yourself. That's enough for us. #SetFireMilitia

Gear up.

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