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Here we are at the end of the road of our Open Prep Journey. First off, thank you to those of you who believed in our programming & followed us through. We love you guys. Set Fire Barbell will be coming soon. So stick around, we will send you emails about it! So look out for it!

As for the workout. Let's chat.

20 Min Time Cap:

For Time:


Thruster (95/65 lbs) 

Chest to Bar

Do not underestimate this workout because the weight is simple. Your heart rate will be through the roof. We all know how tons of thrusters feel. Break this up smart. MANAGEABLE SETS. I would not recommend more than 7's on the thrusters & no more than 7's on the chest to bar. Truly I think 7 is pushing it. This is a heart & grip wrecking workout. The big sets are at the beginning but the end will sneak up. While doing your thrusters, keep your palms open. Grip loose. Try to keep your stance a little wider to not trash the quads so horribly. BREATHE through these. Breathe out during your extension, breath in at the peak. MOVE efficiently. LET'S GO GUYS. LAST ONE. BRING IT HOME. DIE AT THE END. WE LOVE YOU. #Averageisntenough

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**This is the last day of open prep guys!! Thank you so much for sticking with us throughout this cycle! keep your eyes peeled for our upcomjng cycles!! Including Set Fire Barbell 🔥🔥 Warm-Up: 10 min

Thurs mar 21 - open prep

Spend a lot of time today focused on recovery. Tomorrow is the last day of the open and we want you to go out with your best performance! We have worked hard over the last 5 weeks and now we are here.

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