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Well lady & gents, the time has come. Where our yearly practice transforms into performance.


15 Min AMRAP:

19 Wall Balls 20/14#

19 Cal Row

If you'd like a warm up, here's our suggestion:

2 mins/ea band distracted Spiderman lunge

2 mins/ea distraction banded Samson lunge

1 Round of Crossover Symmetry Activation

2 Rounds of:

10 Jumping Lunges for height

20 Band pull aparts

8 Ring rows with 2/sec pause at chest

5 Dive Bomber Push ups

15 Kettlebell Romanian Deadlifts, slow tempo down

15/ea way Banded Lateral Walks (band right above knee)

15 Side Plank w/rotation (on elbow)

As for strategy:

This workout is a total heart burner. It's 15 minutes of movements have are in a capable number of being unbroken every time. Rowing theoretically is our rest. We can stay upright here, we can breathe here, we can pace this row to slow our heart rate down to move back to wall balls. Rowing for calories like this allows us to move a little slower but with intensity. Our goals of this workout is to keep ourselves slightly over uncomfortable barrier, but manage our heart rate. Our chest must stay upright on the row. Our legs will need to be abused here. Do not let your adrenaline take over & take your legs out of play on this row. You will blow your hamstrings, upper back, lower back & breathing out of the water. Keep your pace on the row. Keep your strokes per minute down. Don't waste your energy continuously, aggressively rowing to get 1 calorie every 2 pulls because your intensity is shit & you're at 180bpm. Pace your way on the way in, KEEP YOUR INTENSE PULL ON THE WAY OUT. breathe here. Personally, I will be looking for a 25 or less strokes per minute, staying with a 1000+ pull, with my damper on a 7. I know with my damper on a 8 or 9, my pull will weaken from all the pushing I'll be doing with the wall balls & I won't be able to keep my intensity on an 8. Be smart. As for the wall balls, if you're looking to go unbroken. That's fine, then the row will be where you pace. I think if we break up the wall balls, break. Breathe. Don't step away, don't bend over. Put your hands UP on the wall & just say "Your full name, pick the ball back up." That'll get you 5ish seconds of rest & a pep talk. You think I am kidding, but I'm not. Say "your full name & pick the ball back up." If you plan to break the wall balls up, make it a descending number like 12/7 or 11/8. Something for hope on the second set. As for transitions, DON'T WASTE TIME MOVING FROM ONE TO THE OTHER. THIS WILL KILL YOU. Do your wall balls, get back to your rower & breathe.

Last thing, who cares if you die.

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