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Warm-up: Focus on: T-Spine Rotation, lower body mobilization, Upper back activation


3 Rounds of 5 Cal Assault Bike 10 Single Leg Glute Bridge 30 Sec Hollow Hold 10 (5/ea) KB Swing to Reverse Lunge 10 (5/ea) KB Front Rack Lateral Box Step Up


Power Clean + FR Lunge (2+3 each leg) - Every 2 minutes x 5 sets, 70% of Power Clean


AMRAP 12 20 Single Arm DB Pushpress (10 ea) - 50/35 20 Box Jump Overs - 24/20 200m Run


3 Sets 1. Alternating V-Up x 20 Reps 2. BB Hip Extension x 10 reps 3. Hanging L-Sit x 15-20 sec

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