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wed mar 20 - open prep


Focus: Shoulder Mobility, Running Stretches, Hamstrings, T-Spine


EMOM x 9 - Rotate through A. Facing Away HS Shoulder Taps x 20 + 10 second HS Hold B. L-Sit 180 degree rotation on box** C. 10-15 Tripod HSPU

** L-Sit HS Drill - Form an L-Sit position on a box (as if doing HS pushups) While maintaining the L-Sit position, shuffle your hands in a side step position while maintaining upward pressure through your hands into the floor until you have rotated 180 degrees. Without breaking position, rotate back in the opposite direction back to the start with the same side shuffle with your hands.


Run through all three movements in a row. Do this 3x, add weight if possible

3 reps Split Jerk Position Strict Press 3 reps Tall Jerk 3 reps Jerk Balance**

** Jerk Balance - Start with bar in your front rack in your split position. Slide your front about 1/3 of the way backwards in a shorter split. Maintain equal balance in both feet. Dip, drive and punch into your jerk like normal while simultaneously moving your front foot back into its original split jerk stance. Recover and return for the next rep.


5 Sets: 2 Jerk Dips + 2 Split Jerks, work between 65-80% Rest 2 minutes in between sets


15-12-9 Kipping Deficit HSPU SA Hanging KB Snatch - 70/53 **Women 45lb plates, Men 45+25lb Plates


10 Turkish Get-Ups each Side (Not for Time) You pick the weight, moderately challenging

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21 de mar. de 2019

Warm up was good. E, next time I’ll send the programming with videos 🙄🙄

Split Jerks - 135/145/155x2/165

15-12-9 - 7:20, this was tough with the HSPU. I had to break the up quite a bit

4x5:00 rows from the other day, held 1:52 across 👍🏽👍🏽

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