As humans, we weren’t created to merely exist. We were all born into influence. Whether or not you realize it, you are exemplifying your own impact every single day with or without intention. You have a chance to harness your own purpose and take part in something that is bigger than yourself because if you are living to serve only yourself, you’ve already failed. Set Fire is a company developed to provide you with an opportunity to become part of a family of dreamers who have welcomed their soul’s desire. We want you to create that spark of courage within yourself that brings you face to face with your deepest fears. To be a part of a group of diverse individuals who aren’t willing to settle for average. Nothing monumental or extraordinary ever came from accepting average. You get a chance to eliminate the expectations society has placed upon you and redefine normal. You can join a bunch of other humans who have decided to trade their wishbone in for a backbone. This is a brand that you can wear with pride. A brand that supports the dreamers with no limits on their imaginations.


Set Fire isn’t just a t shirt brand, it’s a movement. We get to gear up our military brothers and sisters along as our fitness addicts to dress a solid crew of humans willing to work harder, go above your own limits, and to do everything with a purpose. Let us guide you to the motivation you need to validate your own worth. Together we get to create a chain reaction of good in all this chaos. We can handle your wildest dreams. We don’t believe in reality. We are here to help you redirect your energy to find those pieces of yourself that you have left undiscovered. So you can be something for somebody else. So you can battle the odds and simplify your life. So you can light your match and set fire to your life. 


Humanity is our greatest religion. We need each other to survive. We are all we need.

So buy a damn t-shirt & do some good. 

We're Real Humans

© 2018 Set Fire

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