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Set Fire Nutrition

Get ready to become a little more intimate with your food...

When it comes to nutrition, having a holistic approach or all encompassing is the only way to go. Believe me, I am the first person ready to tackle some sweets from the bakery so I understand the struggle. I am here to help nurture your relationship with food.

I have spent the last 10 years indulging in health and fitness regimens looking for the best diet and training to live your life by, so I could teach others. In conclusion, the great news is, there isn't one! Every nutrition plan will work if you are 100% committed, but this is more than a nutrition plan. I'm offering sustainable nutrition education so you don't need me for the rest of your life unless you stay cause you love me.

My goal is to teach YOU. I want you to know as much as your mind can take in. I want you to have a better understanding and a better handle on your own life. I want YOU in control of YOUR nutrition. I have two main principles that I coach by...

Lifestyle Line-Up: Taking a closer look into all the pieces of your life including sleep, performance, recovery, stress, anxiety, and nutrition. These are all the players on the team, you can't win if one part of your entire lifestyle isn't willing to show up.

Beyond The Macro: If it fits your macros, you can eat it. This doesn't mean that you have to starve yourself if you cheat or mess up. Humans make mistakes and it's part of life. You know? The life beyond your macro calculation. This principle allows you to have faults and learn to build habits to get you right back on track. Sustainability is what it's all about. Diets are forever, so let's create something long lasting!


My background is primarily in CrossFit coaching and personal training. I have studied nutrition while attending Post University and maintain a PN1 certification from Precision Nutrition. I have worked with a variety of clients from ages <18 and up to 55+ that come from all different lifestyles and fitness levels. Beginners to nutrition and fitness and also elite level athletes.

I have spent 14+ years in the Army with two tours overseas. I have also competed in several fitness competitions to include CrossFit Regionals and Wodapalooza. I love to coach and I love to cook as well as sit at home like all others 32 year olds.

I look forward to working with you!

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Christina Theo

what's your nutrition tinder profile?


aka what do you need?

One night stand




Recommended for our people who already have a handle on their nutrition, but need a little extra love.



What you'll get

  • One time 15 minute meeting in person or via phone

  • Body Fat calculation using caliper measurement (in-person) or tape measure (online)

  • One time macronutrient break-down and explanation (based off fitness goals/Body Fat %)

  • Supplement recommendation and guidance

  • Recipe recommendations and nutritional guidance


Relationship material

Most Popular

Relationship worthy

Recommended for athletes who need more of that love and accountability with their nutrition each month. This is our most popular plan which includes everything from the basic plan and a whole lot more!


The additions

  •  MOST IMPORTANT- you get the COACH. Full access to communication with Coach Chris

  • First meeting is one hour via in person or phone

  • Free Access to an online platform with an easy app on your phone for tracking habit changes, body fat %, measurements, progress pics, and much more!

  • Weekly Check Ins/ Online questionnaire complete through the app

  • Bi-Weekly weigh ins, measurements, habit changes and macro adjustments

  • A look into fitness goals, nutrient timing, meal flexibility


stage five clinger


Our most In-Depth approach to nutrition! This plan is recommended for our high level athletes getting ready for competition (bodybuilding, CrossFit, weightlifting, etc) or leading up to special occasion (wedding, family reunion, bikini season)

This isn't recommended for long term. The amount of love in this plan is unnmatched!

What could be left?

  • Aside from everything in the previous plan, you might want to make room for another relationship

  • 14 day laid out and personalized meal by meal plan with everything measured out and explained, including a shopping list

  • All you do is the shopping and the cooking

  • Review of training/performance 
  • Supplementation recommendations and guidance specific to you
  • 30 day daily access to the nutrition coach with daily check ins




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